5 tips to help your team hit the next milestone

5 tips to reach milestoneAt the end of each year, businesses review the previous year’s goals, successes and missed opportunities, then plan goals and milestones accordingly for the following year. Don’t make the mistake of not focusing on the goals all year. There are a few things you can do to ensure your team is hitting the goals you set for the company throughout the year.

Here are 5 tips to help your team hit the next milestone: 

1. Let everyone on the team know exactly what the goals are. Not only the company goals, but what you expect of each person to help reach those goals. The team can help define this, but goals should be set by the leadership and followed by the team.
2. Ensure everyone has an opportunity for success. Goals should be a challenge to reach, but not impossible. No one likes to fail and it can be discouraging to the team as a whole if there are never any successes to celebrate.
3. Don’t make it too easy to succeed. If the team can succeed without breaking a sweat, they may not be motivated to go even further to make the business better.
4. Reward loudly, coach quietly. If someone hits a goal – shout it from the rooftops and let everyone know you are proud. However, if someone is doing something poorly, or needs additional help to reach a goal, discuss it with that person privately. No one wants to be embarrassed among their peers about doing a bad job.
5. Celebrate as a team. After a milestone is reached, get out of the office and have some fun together. As a bonus, let the person who did the most to help reach the goal plan what that fun thing will be. Getting out as a team will help energize everyone to make that next milestone.

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