Team building in 5 easy steps

Team Work Teams are only as good as the people in them allow them to be. Each team works differently and it is important to the health of the team that it works together and each person has an opportunity to do what that person does best. You can set up team building activities to ensure that the team is working as efficiently as possible. Here are 5 steps to make sure you get the most out of your team building activity:

1. Set clear expectations: Invite the team to the team building activity and make sure they understand the end goal of the team building. Is it to learn to think outside the box, get to know each other better, or improving communication between team members.

2. Relevant information: When planning a team building event, choose one that will lead the team to the end goal laid out in the clear expectations. Consider supporting a charity with your team building.

3. Make everyone succeed. Everyone has different strengths and opportunities for development. In the team building activity, allow people to stretch their comfort zone, but make sure everyone has a chance to succeed. (Who would want to leave a team building event feeling less motivated?)

4. Plan the event for a time that the team is most relaxed professionally. Friday afternoons with no looming deadlines tend to work well, but make sure every member of the team is considered with timing. Don’t plan an afternoon event that is scheduled to end after hours if you have people on your team who depend on leaving at a certain time.

5. Get out of the office. Thinking how to work differently or get to know each other works best when you are outside the normal routine as much as possible. WishWish has a ton of great ideas to do something fun – pick something fun that supports your mission and go do it together.

Share other ideas for successful team building in the comments.

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