Mother’s Day

President Woodrow Wilson made Mother’s Day an official national holiday in 1914. Some treat it like a “Hallmark Holiday”, but I like to think of it as it was intended – a day to honor the mothers in my life – a day to celebrate motherhood and all things “Mommy”.

As a mother myself, I now understand what my mom was telling me all these years. She didn’t want more stuff for Mother’s Day. She just wanted to spend time with my sister and I. Maybe get something hand-made by us – but the time was the most important thing. (It seems like I’ve heard that somewhere…)

Best things in life aren't things

Currently, Mother’s Day is a $16 billion industry. How much stuff is that? How much of it is stuff Mom actually wants? If it is true that the best things in life are not things, think about what you are giving to your mom.

(shameless plug) WishWish has several great things to do that will fit any wish list, especially the wish lists that include spending good quality time with the family!

By the way – post your favorite memories of Mom on our Facebook page. You could find yourself the winner of something fun to do with your mom.

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