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5 reasons to buy through Wish Wish

1. The best price available

Never pay more. On the contrary, many Wish Wish experiences offer something extra or a better price that is not available through the partner directly.

2. 10% back in Reward Points

Earn 10 Reward Points for every dollar you spend on Wish Wish fun things to do and gift cards. Use your points for free experiences at the Wish Wish Reward shop.

3. No expiration date

Wish Wish gift cards and tickets to experiences have no expiration date and no cash value. Experiences may be subject to change 90 days after the date of issue on a Wish Wish ticket.

4. Always exchangeable

The recipient of a Wish Wish gift can always exchange an experience for something they like even better. A Wish Wish gift is always sure to please.

5. Made in Charlottesville VA

All Wish Wish experiences are made locally. So while you are having fun, you are also supporting the local economy.Hi there!


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