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Corporate gifts
improve performance. Give happiness.

Happy employees have 31% higher productivity, 37% higher sales, are 3 times more creative, and feel 10 times more engaged in their jobs. What makes people happier? Research shows it’s doing fun things frequently. Happiness drives profits

Wish Wish gift cards start as low as $25, for 245 fun local experiences. From theater tickets to rock climbing, golf to gourmet cooking classes, balloon rides to massages, your employees and co-workers can use their gift cards to select experiences that they would find most enjoyable. Read what other local business owners said about Wish Wish: Testimonials.

The carefully selected experiences have been designed in cooperation with local businesses and not-for-profits.

Wish Wish gift cards are easy to implement (HR happy), have a superior value-to-price-ratio (accountant happy) and support local businesses (community happy). It’s more meaningful than cash (recipients happy), and helps put the black in your balance sheet (all smiles).

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Other value? Contact us: Charlottesville@wishwishworld.com, (434) 202-1615.

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