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Privacy policy

We protect your privacy like it is our own:

In the event that a Customer or Recipient submits his/her personal information to Wish Wish, this information will be used solely for the processing of the purchase/redemption and for the provision of information by Wish Wish regarding the purchase/redemption of Wish Wish products.

Partners are permitted to use the Recipient’s information in the fulfillment of their delivery obligations, the processing of a complaint and the provision of information regarding purchase of their products. In the case that donations are made to a nonprofit, the giver’s name and email address will be shared with the nonprofit. This will allow them to send a tax receipt and thank you.

Wish Wish will never hand over or sell the details of the Customer or Recipient to any third parties.

Wish Wish is obliged to maintain the strictest confidentiality regarding each other’s confidential information, including company, financial, technical and client-related information, to which they have been granted access within the framework of an Agreement.

If you have any questions about our services or Privacy Policy, please contact:

Wish Wish Charlottesville
200 6th Street NE Charlottesville VA 22902
(434) 202 1615

Updated on December 5, 2011

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