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245 opportunities to
increase your revenue

Wish Wish gift cards - retail - Charlottesville

Increase your revenue and support local with 245 fun things to do in Charlottesville. Wish Wish gift cards give access to a wide variety of experiences, from wine tours, to flight lessons, to massages. We are a Charlottesville based company and work with over 70 local partners. Wish Wish gift cards are great gifts for people who enjoy life in Charlottesville. Contact us if you are a local merchant and interested in selling Wish Wish gift cards.

Why sell Wish Wish gift cards?

  • Generate revenue: keep 5% of every sale (average sale has been $100).
  • No upfront cost!
  • Generate traffic: Wish Wish will include you in marketing materials.
  • Support the local economy. All Wish Wish experiences are local (just like us).
  • Wish Wish gift cards are sold online and through reputable local merchants like you.

How does it work?

  1. We will provide all materials (display, gift cards, gift envelopes and inventory sheet) and brief your sales team.
  2. Set up the display in a high traffic area.
  3. At the time of sale simply exchange the blank display card for an active card, then track inventory using your preferred system.

Ask us to stop by for more information and to get you on your way to seeing more revenue while supporting the local economy.Enjoy life in Charlottesville

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