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Things to do » Hot Air Ballooning in Charlottesville » Sunrise hot air balloon ride for 2 in Charlottesville - $450

Sunrise hot air balloon ride for 2 in Charlottesville


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What: Explore beautiful Charlottesville at a bird’s eye view. Your ballooning excursion includes a sunrise hot air balloon ride for 2 over Charlottesville (not private), digital photographs, celebratory toast, and flight certificates as well as transportation to and from the launch site if you are staying locally. Our partner Monticello Country Ballooning offers special features for extra safety and comfort such as padded floors and tanks in their baskets for soft, cushioned landings, turning vents on the balloon to better position their passengers for landings and photographs, and enough seating and seatbelts for all passengers in the chase vehicle. Bring your camera and a sense of adventure for a truly unforgettable experience.

Where: If you are staying in the Charlottesville area there is a launch site within 10-15 minutes from where you are staying. It’s also possible to launch from private residences providing the prevailing winds and launch site are suitable.

When: By reservation, Monday – Friday year round and weekends Dec – March. Call for availability (434) 202-1615 or send us an email: info@wishwishcharlottesville.com

Launch schedule (subject to change due to weather):

Month Sunrise Sunset
January 8:00AM 3:00PM
February 8:00AM 3:30PM
March 7:00AM 4:00PM
April 6:30AM 5:30PM
May 6:00AM 6:00PM
June 6:00AM 6:00PM
July 6:00AM 6:00PM
August 6:00AM 6:00PM
September 6:30AM 5:00PM
October 7:15AM 4:45PM
November 6:45AM 3:00PM
December 7:30AM 3:00PM


Why: This is a “must do” experience in Charlottesville! The ride is spectacular, and the view is one of a kind.

Good to know: The air temperature during the flight is about the same as on the ground, so don’t overdress. Wear casual outdoor attire, like jeans and sneakers, not your best cloths. Dresses, skirts, sandals or high heels are not recommended. We suggest waterproof footwear for morning flights since grass can be wet with dew, a baseball cap and sunglasses for the summer flights (the burner puts off quite a bit of radiant heat), and a jacket or sweater for all flights during cooler times of the year.

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